Nicaraguan Gallo Pinto Recipe

Gallo Pinto Recipe Nicaragua

History of Gallo Pinto – Nicaragua

Before giving you the delicious Gallo Pinto Recipe, we would like to share a little bit of history about this.

Thousands of years ago in the territory that we know today as Mexico was born a new plant, a legume that would be domesticated in Mesoamerica and gradually spread throughout all continents: the bean. Around the same time, but on the other side of the planet, in China, they learned to grow rice. A long time later both portions of cereal would meet and that duo would be baptized with countless names. “Rice and beans” or “rice and beans” the simplest; but also “marriage”, “Moors and Christians” and “congrí”. However, two countries, in particular, would call it a “painted rooster”, and both would be enrolled in copyright.

Is the Gallo Pinto from Nicaragua or Costa Rica?

After years of heated debates and competences, it is not yet established of who is the Gallo Pinto Recipe, whether from Nicaragua or Costa Rica. And we are nationalisms apart, it may not belong exclusively to any of them. More than ten countries in the Americas consume the mixture of rice and beans, with recipes very similar to the Costa Rican and Nicaraguan. And in the Caribbean region, “rice and beans” with coconut is very popular.

Although the Gallo Pinto is a typical dish of Nicaragua and a national heritage, since it is already an essential element in Nicaraguan cuisine, “it is also a common heritage of all Central America and the Caribbean”.

Even though it is part of the culinary tradition of several Ibero-American countries, without a doubt the most famous is the one prepared in Nicaragua, where from red beans, rice and vegetables a delicious, cheap and simple dish is created.

Ingredients of Nicaraguan Gallo Pinto Recipe

  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Onion
  • Pepper
  • Garlic
  • A bay leaf
  • Oil
  • Salt

Gallo Pinto Nicaragua – Method

  1. The beans are boiled in salted water, a garlic head and a bay leaf. Once cooked, they are reserved.
  2. Cut the fine onion and rehome in a saucepan. Once clear, add the rice and mix.
  3. Twice the water (and a little more) of the rice that had been poured out and put on high heat is added to the pot.
  4. When the water is boiling, the fire is lowered and the rice is covered. It takes about 20 minutes.
  5. Once the water has completely evaporated, the rice is covered and left to rest for at least five minutes.
  6. In a pan with plenty of oil, saute a pre-cut onion with the cooked beans, then add the rice and a little broth to cook the beans.
  7. Mix everything well and leave in the pan over low heat for about 8 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  8. When everything is mixed, it should be served hot, as a side dish or as a main course along with fried eggs and cheese.

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  1. The beans what I buy in Nicaragua you can not find it in Europe. They are to big.. where could I buy them or order it via webside. The beans are so tasty!..what is the real name of this beans,special when its come from Ometepe also the coffee the tast is so pure. Please let me know

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