Nicaraguan Semilla de Jícaro Drink (Jicaro Seed)

History of Semilla de Jicaro Drink

The Nicaraguan semilla de jicaro drink (seed of jícaro), a tropical plant that is grown in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, was cultivated by pre-Hispanic groups, who knew it as xicalli. In Nicaragua, this tropical fruit grows wild, more in flat and sandy lands of the dry zone of the Pacific, and has no need to use artificial fertilizers or insecticides to develop.

Currently, this fruit in Nicaragua is used more often to make a drink mixed with milk, there are many ways to serve the drink, among them is the same shell from where the jicaro seed is taken, with them vessels or containers are designed.

This delicious drink comes from jicaro seed plants, is considered a source of calcium, protein and has high nutritional value and many health benefits.

Ingredients of the Semilla de Jicaro (jicaro seed)

  • 4 liters of milk
  • 2 pounds of jicaro seed (cereal)
  • 1/2 pound raw rice
  • 1 pound sugar
  • 1 cinnamon slice
  • Vanilla


  1. First wash the rice very well, then let it drain. Once the rice is clean and dry, add 2 cups of water so that the rice is completely soaked and absorbs water can burst.
  1. In a pot or casserole place the 2 pounds of jicaro seed, to roast the seeds over low heat, leave it for about 5 minutes, you should be watching to prevent the seeds from burning. Once the roasted seeds are removed from the heat and allowed to cool.
  2. Then place the seeds in an empty container. Then drain the rice again, when it is drained it is added in the same container of the seeds with a few pieces of cinnamon in raja. Then it is sent to grind until all the ingredients are finely left.  
  3. Once we have ground all the ingredients, take the amount that will be consumed and in a separate container add milk, vanilla and sugar to taste, mix for 5 minutes until everything is well integrated. In a glass with ice place the fresh and it is ready to enjoy this delicious drink

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