Types of Fritanga in Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan gastronomy is very varied, you find a little bit of everything, we assure you that Nicaraguan dishes are true culinary delights, you should definitely taste them,

One of the delicacies that stand out most in our country is the already recognized fritanga, where you indulge in enjoying that delicious food, which you share with family or friends, which is mainly tasted at night and that is not missing in the various streets of our beautiful Nicaragua.

How many of us have had the joy that our palates feel the delicious flavor of the fritanga?. I think many are those who have tasted the fritanga, but if you have not had the honor of eating this delicacy, today we will talk about what types of food make up the fritanga so that you are encouraged to consume it.

Among the dishes that are most found in the sales of fritangas we find the following:

  • Slices with cheese and salad
  • Potato cakes
  • Ripe fried with cheese
  • Tacos
  • Enchiladas
  • Slices with roast pork, salad, and Gallo pinto
  • Slices with roast chicken, Gallo pinto and salad
  • Slices with roast meat, salad, and Gallo pinto

Well, those are the most representative dishes of the famous fritangas, so we invite you to taste this true delicacy, which we assure you will love.

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