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What Is the Most Popular Drink in Nicaragua?

In Nicaragua, there are many different drinks that can be enjoyed, some more popular than others, but all are consumed in most of the places of this beautiful country. In this small article, I will share the most popular drink in Nicaragua, plus you will have access to the recipe, so you can make this drink at home. 

The most popular drink in Nicaragua is the Cacao drink, due to its pleasant taste and the opportunity to combine it with other drinks. This drink, in addition to being one of the most popular, is also a typical drink and one of the most consumed in this country. 

Why is Cacao the Most Popular Drink in Nicaragua?

One of the main reasons why the Cacao drink is the most popular in Nicaragua is because there is a large production of Cacao in that country, the Cacao is one of the main sources of production in Nicaragua, on average, the country of Nicaragua produces about 165,517 quintals a year,  this may vary each year. 

Another reason is the delicious taste that this drink has, it is more than certain that the fruit from which the famous chocolate comes is also tasteable when it is made as a drink.

What Other Drinks are Popular in Nicaragua?

In addition to the delicious Cacao drink, there are other drinks that are also popular in most cities in Nicaragua, some of these drinks are made from fruits and other grains, such as:

  • El Pinolillo
  • Chia con tamarindo
  • Bebida de Granadilla
  • Fresco de avena
  • Fresco de cebada
  • Fresco de jengibre 
  • Pozol con leche

There are many other drinks, but they are not as popular among the population of Nicaragua.

Do you Want to Try the Most Popular Drink in Nicaragua?

If you have been curious to taste the most popular drink in Nicaragua which is the Cacao drink and you do not live in a nearby place where you can buy this drink, then why not make it yourself? Here I leave you the Cacao drink recipe.

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